Supporting Kindergarten through Grade 8

How I Help

I work primarily with students from Kindergarten through Grade 8 in the following ways:

Reading Skills

Word recognition, decoding, encoding, accuracy, rate, and fluency. Comprehension strategies to support retention and understanding.

Spelling & Writing Skills

Teaching rule-based spelling and all of the exceptions to build spelling accuracy. Supporting the transition from handwriting to typing. Developing sentence to paragraph composition.


Building expressive and receptive oral language skills. Vocabulary recognition and expression through study, repetition, visualizing, and games.

Executive Functioning

Keeping up with class content, homework, getting assignments turned in, planning for long-term projects, and building communication skills from student to teacher.
Students I Support

Experienced Working With...

Language Based Learning Difficulties
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder
Struggling Learners
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